I’m Back !

I know I’ve been on a Hiatus for some weeks ,but life’s been happening so fast && juggling a full Bio/Chem course load is all the headache I could take. I’m grateful to have carved away some time ,because I’ve been in dire need of my creative space to revive me ,so here we are and I’m just going to jump right on in. I wanted to elaborate on a topic that I get asked pretty frequently these days by peers ,people I meet out and just random family members I see on occasion. A simple question regarding “How do you do it?” ,and my response is always just as Simple. I’ll say, “Just like you”. Now they’re in shock lol, great conversation starter might I add. Let me tell you How I do it ! First, I do not chose to categorize myself different from any other human being that has had to triumph a trial. We may be different in the way of ; my trial was different then yours, but I don’t measure it In Degrees, because in that case I have to compare my situation to one of which could be seen as worse ,so therefore I don’t do it at all. Throughout every experience, that be good or bad I’ve gained something. A new way of thinking, a better understanding, peace, a lesson… whatever it may have been I’ve gained something, and as long as I allow this new way of life to teach me instead of punish me then I WIN ! Hence the phrase “as long as I ALLOW”. Life can be looked at through many lenses. You have a choice of how you want to view life, through all the troubles and disappointments it may bring. I chose to live, ABUNDANTLY. I make that conscious decision everyday. Most days I’m reminded in different ways that life isn’t the same for me rn, as far as the things many people can pop up and do I have to hold off or stay back ,because it’s not accessible to my state of being. I had to learn that, thats okay. To look at all the things I am able to do and be thankful because it could always be worse. I could be the kid that never had the chance to experience things on two feet because life pre-determined his destiny. Or the veteran that lost his legs and has no chance of taking “human like” steps again. Or the homeless woman that life hit hard and she never recovered. I’m none of those. I was given a second chance, and to harbor over the fact that “Life happened” to me would be Selfish and Wasteful, so when I’m asked “How do you do it” it’s always this underlying voice saying back “How could I NOT”. How could I not Get up everyday with the biggest smile and the humblest heart and go get it! I’m sorry ,but man y’all give up too easily. Too many people dying to have been in my predicament. Many mothers that couldn’t even say goodbye to their children and you think I have the right to aimlessly mope about what life has dealt me. I’m sorry but HELL NAA. That’s weak, that’s selfish, that’s lazy, that’s everything IM NOT. Never have been. Pray to never be. A disability gives you the right to umm park closer then others at the store. Let me see what else , you can sit on the sidelines at football games, you have the right to skip the bathroom line If their nice enough, OR you can even call dibs on the window sit on your flight but YOU DO NOT GET A PASS TO QUIT on life !!! God Has handpicked you as his soldier, and soldiers fight. As I’ve read in textbooks they fight till death. I am a physical and mental description of a soldier. Life is A Given. We’ve all had our Ups&Downs. Don’t let them determine your will for life. You determine it ! You put forth every effort everyday to keep going despite the cards your dealt. I will. I Have & I think you should too, because at the end of it all 30,50,80 years from now your life will be a portrait to those who know you & those who don’t. It will tell the stories of how grandma or grandpa made it through the toughest times. It will lead another human to Christ, it will remind a Grandchild of who they wanna be like, it will guide a abused mother to freedom, and a lost man to his rib. Your life will be your representation to all looking up at you. It will speak volumes to who you were when you were here and guide others on formulating who they chose to be. That of which your kids kids can be proud of. My portrait will be Beautiful, Colorful, Full of life, Storytelling, Edgy, but Enlightening. What will yours be ?

Until Next Time,


One thought on “I’m Back !

  1. You Betta Slay & Inspire The World All At The Same Damn Time Queen!!! I Loved, Loved, Loved this post Jessica! You reminded me to let go of any petty excuses and remember it’s all about my perception because there are no limitations except the ones I “choose” to make up.

    Duely Noted & Agreed…

    Love You Chic,
    Kirsten xoxo


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