“Life On The Other Side”

When I Said my life changed, many assumed for the worst, but as I look back in retrospect it has been just the opposite. Do I have my days ? OF-COURSE, but I’d never let those moments define my future or present. I laugh through them, because I KNOW with no hesitation having my Heavenly Father by my side is far more potent than any bad day.

I had about 8 months of just inconsistent bad days. I can honestly say I was depressed in a way. It would be weeks that I wouldn’t even see the outside of my house. Days I didn’t eat & my grandmother would have to force feed me. Months I wouldn’t even exit the exterior of my room. I saw life to be pointless. This was because I wasn’t feeding my spirit. GOD was giving me the tools, but I was so down on myself I wouldn’t use them. I would cry silently many nights, because I didn’t see anything in myself anymore. I Struggled with the purpose GOD had already laid out for me, and had mistaken it as just another hobby. Now I know different. He literally brought me through those times to tell you this. NEVER let anyone or even yourself get in the way of GODS destiny for your life. It won’t always make sense, it may not be timely, it may not even be strategic but he gives each and everyone of us a gift. That in hopes we recognize them & manifest those gifts to share with others. The things he has brought me through brings me to tears, because at that time I could never see life on the other side. BOY ! do I now. I wake up every morning, I look myself in the mirror & I just smile. Then I begin to recite little nothings to myself as I look at what God has created, ME. I don’t always wake up happy, but I promise myself I won’t go to sleep mad. I don’t always feel up to it, but I put on my clothes, refresh myself and get it done. I believe I can do and will do everything that I was suppose to in this life. I will NEVER let my “disability” disable me. He kept the most important piece of my body untouched in that accident that day. My mind, and as long as I have breath & a sound mind I am Unstoppable, and you can be to.

Be you, unapologetically. Laugh at the devil when he feels he can defeat you. You can have the most powerful piece on the board if you just allow him to be. It changed my life forever and For the BEST

I Always wanted to have the platform to pour into others , I just had to make sure I wasn’t pouring from a empty cup. Most of the time we want to be a blessing but our lives are in chaos , I knew my impact would be so much more worth while when I myself, was whole. I didn’t want a tainted or bias mind encouraging others, so here I am. On the other side and when I say it feels SOOOO GOOD. The peace and assurance my new way of life has given me is beyond words. So I leave you with this simple yet valid quote, “ALL you have to be in this WORLD is the best version of YOURSELF” .. don’t complicate it.

Blessings to All and until next time.

-Jessica Valentina ❤️

9 thoughts on ““Life On The Other Side”

  1. This one hit home girl! I’m glad to know that I am not the only one going through things and I find so much comfort in knowing that everything will be fine.


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